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Is there a way to use serial codes or something like that to secure different functionality within a custom module?

We have a small module which we do not want to certify through the CfMD process.
Our module is build up as a module with basic functionality for one price. Various extra functionality is available if the customer buys it, and we activate that with parameters which can be ticked on and off.
We would like to make sure that the extra functionality can only be accessed if the customer has purchased it.
Most ways to do that is easy to for another partner to bypass with small changes in the code. Is there any solution for this, or do we just trust each other as partners? :)



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    CyberghostCyberghost Member Posts: 46
    The only method I can think of which might work would be to put some of the functionality, as well as a serial number check, into a automation or control addin.
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    MaWMaW Member Posts: 74

    Thanks for the reply. I figured that was the situation.
    Better to put the energy into making a good solution, than to use it on trying to secure it.
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