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i am new here and hope to find an answer to my question.
I bought an new printer with 2 trays, one for white paper and one for business paper.
I configured two printers on my naviserver and shared it with the clients.
I have configured different paper trays for each printer and configured it on Navision 3.56a (DOS :-) ) to take at selection the printer share for white paper.
But it doesn't matter which printer i take, the documents will be printed every day on white paper (tray 1) and not with business paper (tray 2)
Has anybody an answer to my question?
is it possible ?

Thanks a lot.


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    You don't need to use different printers in Windows. By the way: Did you there enable the second tray in the printer options?

    You can do it direct in DOS Navision.
    You can do it by defining a custom sequence, or by 2 different printers. Yes, in the blue Navision you can change the printers direct while the report is running!
    I miss this in the windows version(s)... :-(

    I can not post screenshots here, so if you like to have more information on this or on DOS Navision in general you can contact me.

    Nice greetings from René Thöne
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    You first need to look up the codes that need to be sent to the printer to use either tray1 or tray2 (or however they are called). These codes need to be entered in the printer definition's setup-string, or in the user-defined formatting. If it's in the setup-string, the user can select the printer, and use the right tray. If it's managed in the user-defined formatting, the programmer can select these codes on the report layouts.

    Remember that DOS has no clue about Windows printers, so the printers do not need to be setup in Windows at all ... although I found it always convenient to setup the printers, and print from Navision into the shared printer queue with \\servername\printerqueue
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