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I am rolling a customer on NAV 2015. There is a new feature called AccessByPermission in the object Table in the Field. If you set it up correctly, you can prevent a user from seeing a field if the user does not have permission to another table.

I found about this feature when a manager started complaining that some of his users could not see the Requested Receipt Date in the Purchase Order page. It turned that the users who could not see the Requested Receipt Date did not have permission to a table called Order Promising Line. As there was an AccessByPermission setting on the Purchase Header Table to the field Requested Receipt Date, the users could not see the field in the Purchase Order Page.

Fixing the issue by giving the user permission to the Order Promising table is not an issue.

However, to prevent another surprise by this feature, I tried to locate which tables and fields have this setting in standard NAV. There are 750+ fields in various tables with this issue. This going to take time for me to locate all the fields and the related table.

Does anyone have a table of all the tables and fields that have the AccessByPermission? Alternatively, does anyone have an idea if there is a better to get the information than exporting all the tables to a text file and filtering the data?



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    Hi everyone

    Apparently there is a setting in the 2015 Administration called UI Elements Removal. It was set to LicenseFileandUserPermission. I am setting it to License File to see if the issue is resolved.

    Thank you,
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    Sigh. I found a few side effects of using LicenseFileandUserPermission. Besides some fields go missing, some Action menu options also goes missing (Eg. If you do not have read permission in the Sales Shipment Header, you will not be able to click the Get Shipment Lines button in the Sales Invoice). Lastly, even if the user has permission to the Reports and Pages but do not have primary table permission to read, the user will not see the report or page in their menusuite or search option. :s
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