no access to message bodies with MSMQ in Navision

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I greateted a NAS Routine for receiving and sendig messages. (simular as descripted in the article "Talking with Navision: Say Hello to Navision and Expect Navision to Be Polite"). All things works fine. Only one problem I have (and this is horrible). After the statements

InStr := InMsg.GetStream();

Line1 is allways empty. In the Testsystem there was no problem with this part. I am reading the body as planetext. Now in the realsystem I have a problem. The differnce is, that in the real system the sender sends Unicode messages (p.e. hex 30 00 31 00 32 00 and so on). What can I do. The sender is not able or willing to change the information, he is sending. Can anybody help me?

Thank's a lot :D


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