Server 2012, Sending Email with Bullzip Attachment Issue

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Hi All,

I have written a codeunit to process email with attachment as invoice to the customer and it worked great till date. Now my customer have formatted the server and upgraded the Operating system to Windows Server 2012.

With this change the latest version of Bullzip was installed. Now nothing happens when i run the same codeunit.

Below are my findings -

1. The Codeunit process well and send email if i block code related to Bullzip and adding attachment.
2. When i attach a hard-coded attachment the codeunit send email with attachment without any issues.
3. When i Debug the codeunit with Bullzip code it sends the email with attachment.

But when i run the codeunit without debug it does nothing. ](*,)

Below are the piece of settings related to bullzip that i added, i seem there is a change with new version-
RunOnceFile := BullZipPDF.GetSettingsFileName(TRUE);
BullZipPDF.SetValue('Showsettings', 'never');
BullZipPDF.SetValue('ShowPDF', 'no');
BullZipPDF.SetValue('ShowProgress', 'no');
BullZipPDF.SetValue('ShowProgressFinished', 'no');
BullZipPDF.SetValue('SuppressErrors', 'yes');
BullZipPDF.SetValue('ConfirmOverwrite', 'no');
BullZipPDF.SetValue('GhostscriptTimeout', '10');

Does Anybody faced and resolved the above. Do let me know?

Thanks & Regards,
Saurav Dhyani

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    ftorneroftornero Member Posts: 522
    That looks like a timming problem, the file that you try to attach is not ready yet.

    You need to test that the file exists before attach it to the email.

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