Basic question on Header / Line tables

kenlkenl Member Posts: 182

I am new to Navision.

I would like to know, how does the system "copy" the header information (the key field) into line tables ?

A typically example would Sales Header + Sales Lines, or Transfer Header + Transfer Line. How does the system assign the header "No." into the Line "Document No." And how to assign the field "Line No." ?




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    kinekine Member Posts: 12,562
    Document type and No. is assigned because subform is linked through this fields (SubFormLink property on the SubForm)...

    Line No. is assigned automatically, because it is last field in primary key, it is Integer and in the subform Form is enabled property AutoSplitKey and DelayedInsert...

    That is all... 8)
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    kenlkenl Member Posts: 182
    Hello Kine,

    Thank you so much. :P
    I never think about the form property.

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