REPORT.SAVEASPDF call hanging on one company but not another

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Client is running 2013 R2

I have a client that is having an issue where when we attempt to print and email a sales invoice (via a mechanism very similar to the one Claus Lundstrom describes on his blog entry on emailing invoices). On the test company we can confirm that this works just fine. When we change company to the production company however the call to SAVEASPDF hangs the session. I've run through it with the debugger on both companies and it is definitely the SAVEASPDF call that causes the hang, we don't even get to the call that sends an email. No errors are generated, the process just seems to hang. To re-iterate, same server, same database instance, same database, different company.

Is there some company level setting that might be causing this?


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    BardurKnudsenBardurKnudsen Member, Microsoft Employee Posts: 137
    Quick, obvious question, just to rule it out: You are sure that you have filtered the report to just one document? The output from the demo-company: Does it only contain one (out of many) documents? Because if you have many documents in the production company, it will obvious take a (very) long time to finish - if ever.
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