Prepayments in 2009 KB2779183

RodtmcleanRodtmclean Member Posts: 84

Initial issue
I have a client that uses prepayments and they had problems invoicing a sales order where the shipment was less than the prepayment quantity. I have applied several hotfixes but have had to make some further changes myself.

I have installed KB2779183 and all the KBs it referred to. KB2779183 refers to changes to functions in table 461 Prepayment Inv. Line Buffer, there are no functions in this table. Similarly there are functions mention by KB2779183 in codeunit 80 that are not present in 2009. Is there a definitive prepayments service pack for NAV 2009?

Anyway, the majority of the hotfixes were applied to a test system and the prepayment figures are better. The problem is now a Currency code does not exist message when raising the final prepayment credit memo. NAV is trying to realize gains and losses even though its all in the local currency. I checked the 2009 codeunit (442) against 2013 and it looks like the section of code has simply been deleted from 2013. Having done that on a 2009 test system I have the client checking the figure now.

An expert opinion would be useful.



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    bob_upbob_up Member Posts: 155
    Hi Roddy

    A client of ours is getting the same error. Did deleting the code resolve this for yours?

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