NAV2013R2 Crashes upon searching account name on gen jrnl

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Hello. MS NAV experts,

The problem code on event viewer : system.argumentoutofrangeexception

Content : When a user tries to lookup an account No by searching its name in Korean, the system crashes at the moment when the drilldown will pop out.
But when a user click on downarrow thing to expand the drilldown page, there's no problem. When my collegues and I do this, there's no problem.
It's just her having this problem. I have no idea what causes this error.

Please help me finding the solution for this. I don't want to tell her to wipe out the harddisk and reinstall OS and everything.

Thanks in advance.


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    vremeni4vremeni4 Member Posts: 323

    I had exactly the same issue with one client.
    Random appearance of the problem only on some machines.
    First solution was to delete personal configuration file
    (PersonalizationStore.xml usually in C:\Users\userhere\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Microsoft Dynamics NAV) ,
    and that would fix the problem for some time, but the problem would reappear again.

    After some debugging and testing I realised it is a bug in NAV the problem is somewhere ( if I remember correctly codeunit 14 Gen. Jnl.-Show Entries) in the line


    Or similar code construction (IF FINDLAST THEN;).
    For some reason (it is a bug) the cursor is in the wrong place so when you call this it causes index out of bound error message.
    As soon as I disabled (Commented out) this line the problem was resolved.

    I hope this helps.
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