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Dear Sir,

What is the correct procedure to use the COMPANYNAME instead of "Company.Name" in C/AL programming ?

In a scenario we'r using the COMPANYNAME in the Mail body and the "Company.Name" in a NAV report which is being used as a attachment (as PDF format) with the mail.

We have found that COMPANYNAME is appearing sometimes wrong but "Company.Name" is giving always right information.

May I know what is the reason behind that issue ?
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    Thas because, COMPANYNAME is a database level function which return the Company name you opened (under File-->Company-->Open). But, you normally store the legal name of the company in Company Information table. Name is a filed of that table.

    When referring to legal names, please store them in Company Information and use it in reports.
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    The two COMPANYNAME and Company.Name are used in Mail.

    Users first open a Sales Order and then Post the SO, during the posting a Mail is generated and send to the respected customer mail ID.

    COMPANYNAME name appeared wrong but Company.Name is giving the right information.
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