Send to Excel Error in Nav2013 R2(7.10.37221)

imclever1205imclever1205 Member Posts: 94
edited 2015-02-10 in NAV Three Tier
Hi Guys ,
I'm having this error when trying to send to excel :
Microsoft Dynamics NAV Excel Add-in encountered an external error: The operation cannot complete because it uses a feature that is not supported (Automation server.)
Do you guys know how to solve that ?
Thanks ! :)


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    abyssinianstarabyssinianstar Member Posts: 1
    HI there did you happen to find the solution for it ?
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    casanovacasanova Member Posts: 194
    i think you use excel 2007
    try use excel 2010 or 2013
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    imclever1205imclever1205 Member Posts: 94
    As casanova suggested I installed Excel 2013 and the issue was fixed .
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