E-mail logging - what happends with deleted mail?

froddienfroddien Member Posts: 7
As we all know, e-mail that include a mail adress from the contact register, will be logged in Navision. What happends with the rest?
They will disappear. My question is as follow:

Is there any way to keep track of the mail who "disappear" It might be an important mail from a contact that not exists in the contact register. Our customer says that there is no way for him to find out what mail he is missing without a lot of searching.


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    pdjpdj Member Posts: 643
    No, not without making changes to the e-mail logging codeunit. I think others have made some sort of "Junk" folder where the not-logged entries could be moved instead of getting deleted. Then an admin or superuser could check that folder once in a while and find out what to, i.e. create the e-mail address and move it to the queue folder again or simply delete it. You just have to make sure you don't violate local laws about e-mail privacy. At least in some contries is it illegal to read emplyees e-mail without notifying them first.
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