RTC Object Listener Issue

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Hi all.

So I read the great post on trouble shooting the Object Listener on this blog post here.

In it the writer says "A slightly cryptic message was recorded in the SQL Server Log every time an object was changed in Object Designer." but does not say what this message was.

My Problem:

Similar to many others, I have the issue with changes made in Object designer not reaching the client users, unless the service tier is restarted. But with two strange quirks:

1) My users are connecting through 5 different service tiers to which they have been assigned randomly. 4 out of 5 of these see the change, while a 5th will not.
2) Which one that 5th is appears random, so it is not that the issue lies with one of the services.
3) It does not happen all the time. 99% of the time it is fine. Then suddenly one change will not reach one service, and all users connected to that service, until it is restarted.

The only "cryptic" message I see in my SQL Server logs has appeared 5 times in the course of this year, and I have not the data to say it lines up with my problem time wise. But the error is:

10/22/2014 13:52:33,spid16s,Unbekannt,The query notification dialog on conversation handle '{81D9E9E1-5759-E411-977F-001B783A139E}.' closed due to the following error: '<?xml version="1.0"?><Error xmlns="schemas.microsoft.com/.../Code><Description>Cannot find the remote service 'SqlQueryNotificationService-58e997b0-e6d9-41bb-b4ab-d4d755fb836b' because it does not exist.</Description></Error>'.

Is this connected? Or can anyone else suggest (aside from simply switch to polling) what the causes or solutions to this might be?
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