NAV 2013 R2 - Report Designer - Section End of Page

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NAV 2013 R2 - Report Designer - Section End of Page

Hi all,

I'm trying to modify report 206 Sales - Invoice to keep the sections after lines all togher and at the end of page (see file attahced). In this way, VAT section and the other sections will be in the same place for each invoices, without consider the number of lines printed in each invoice.
My NAV version is 7.10.38053, Italian localization.

Thank you for your availability.

Elena Panzeri


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    TonyDuarteTonyDuarte Member Posts: 92
    The best you could do is to place that information as the Footer of the Page, but there is a catch, adding it to the footer you will have to make a few arrangements to count pages to set the visibility of the footer right.

    If not the Vat Section and the others you want to show at the same place will be printed to all pages, even if your document has multiple pages.

    I would say to let that information stay were it is, but it's up to you :)
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