Embedding external image in Nav report

titus71titus71 Member Posts: 6
Hello, I'm trying to use an embedded image on a "Nav Report".
the image is a QR code generated on a local web server.
I'm using Nav 2009 SP1

I Just need to retrieve the image using an http request and need to embed it on the report.

The server that produces the QR code doesn't need any parameters

The request URL is something like this:

Is it possible to somehow embed the this image on the report?
The image changes every time is requested.

I have tried to use the "image" and "picture box" found in the "View sections" --> "toolbox"
But as far as I can tell, these are static, and only accepts local .BMP files, or a BLOB form the database.



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    nav_developmentnav_development Member Posts: 21
    I never tried that but just thought if you are not getting any such properties for dynamic image in image box or picture box. You can use temporary table to store image dynamically and display in report. You can use BLOB properties.
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    titus71titus71 Member Posts: 6
    Thanks for your answer :thumbsup: , it seems a little too much overhead, but so far is the only way that seems possible.
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    nav_developmentnav_development Member Posts: 21
    Let us know if you find any other option.
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