Merge Objects (Nav 2013 R2)

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hi friends,

Recently when we are on implementation, we :

1. Install the NAV (NAV 2013 R2)

2. Install the latest Update Rollup (Update Rollup 10)

3. Develop some customizations on it.

The problem come when the client buy another specific vertical solution from another country and ask us to merge this with our development. To make things complicated, the solution was built on Navision 2013 R2 (without Rollup).

The problem i encountered when i tried to merge the objects, for example :

The solution create field 16000200 on Table 18 Customer. We don't have permission on that range. Therefore, we cannot copy or create the field or use araxis merge to merge it.

The only thing we can do, i believe, is import the fob to the development environment. But when we do that, the update rollup and our customization on that table will be replaced.

Anyone has experienced this? Any inputs or ideas would be appreciated.



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