Single-tenant solutions on Azure

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As far as I understand, the most efficient way for deployment NAV on Azure is multi-tenant solutions. However, in this case the solution is losing flexibility as client's specific customizations cannot be applied to a single client.
Is that viable approach to have many single-tenant solutions on Azure to keep unique customizations for each client? What are potential problems? Cost? Anything else?


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    Single-Tenant is a viable solution on Azure. Whether it's a cost-effective solution is another topic that has no single answer. It will depend a lot in how you intend to implement and who "owns" what. As with any hosted solution, the efficiencies will come from the ability to spread cost. That ability can vary depending on the relations between the parties.
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    alex9alex9 Member Posts: 97
    If some NAV partner works with Windows Azure hosting partner, how are roles distributed normally? NAV partner is providing NAV solution and consulting to client, and Azure partner is responsible for hosting servers and security configurations, is that correct? I mean, which extra efforts are required from NAV partners if they work with Windows Azure SLA and want their NAV clients to be on Cloud?
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