create new filter for account schedule on form and report

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hello everyone,

i was wondering how would i go about trying to create a new filter on the Account Schedule report (10028) as well as the form? i want to be able to filter by Job. i have added a new FlowFilter field called "Job Filter" to table 85 Acc. Schedule Line. also on the report, i pretty much just looked at the native navision "Date Filter" and "Budget Filter" and whereever there was that line of code i just added a new line for my new Job filter. I also know that I have to look at codeunit 8-AccSchedManagement, but im not quite sure where to correctly place the code it need. the problem is that i want to be able to filter on the job no. on the g/l entries and not the g/l account b/c it doesn't have a job field tied to it, and plus i don't want a job field tied to it. i just want to be able to filter on job ledger entries with the new Job filter as well.
i think i need to modify code in function CalcGLAcc(...) of codeunit 8 b/c that is the only place where i see a reference to "G/L Entries", but i could be wrong.
i saw in another post that i should use fn SetGLAccRowFilters() but that fn, you can only filter on the GL Acct and not the G/L Ledger entries...
i need to get this done a.s.a.p. and i can't freaking figure it out...its taking me all day.. ](*,) ](*,) ](*,)

any help is grealy appreciated!!!!
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