Nav 2009 R2 Weird Behavior when Changing Net Type

ArhontisArhontis Member Posts: 667
Hi all,

I have encounter a weird behavior in client finsql 6.0.34105.0 (2009 R2).

We have build a trivial custom functionality for a customer and if we use it with database login or with some windows logins it works fine.

But, with a specific windows login it doesn't work as it expected (without raising an error). If we use as Net Type = TCP/IP Sockets it seems to work fine.

This has happened before, with another windows login on a Report run that showed different results when running with Default Net Type and with TCP/IP Sockets Net Type.

Has anyone ever encounter a problem like that?

Thank you in advance...


  • Dynabec_Solutions2Dynabec_Solutions2 Member Posts: 1
    Hello Arhontis.

    I have the same problem after migration from native to sql database at Dynamics NAV 2009.
    Do you have allready found a reason for that issue?

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