NAV 2013 SQL table structure changes

aavioaavio Member Posts: 143
edited 2014-09-07 in NAV Three Tier
Noted that in NAV 2013 all %(percentage) field representation changed to _(underscore) in SQL level

In NAV 2009
item table field - in NAV Profit %, in SQL also same as Profit %

In NAV 2013
item table field - in NAV Profit %, in SQL Profit _

may i know why all % changed to _ in NAV 2013?


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    aavioaavio Member Posts: 143
    i found it where


    choose Database, choose Alter, and then choose the Integration tab

    Convert Identifiers
    in nav 2009 have only - ."\/'
    in nav 2013 - ."\/'%][

    but why in NAV 2013 have to convert %?
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