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Hope someone can help me with this:

We'd like to use the 'reminder' report, but I can't get the language of the labels correct. When I run the report for Clients with Language code Dutch I get Dutch labels, clients with code Italian or English get English labels, but clients with code French or German get Dutch labels as well?

I would prefer Dutch speaking clients to get a Dutch report, German speaking clients a German report, French speaking clients a French report and all the other an English report.
Alternatively I'd like all non-Dutch speaking clients to get an English report.

I'm using NAV 2013.

Thanks for you help!


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    TonyDuarteTonyDuarte Member Posts: 92
    Well, the report uses the following:
    Issued Reminder Header - OnAfterGetRecord()
    CurrReport.LANGUAGE := Language.GetLanguageID("Language Code");

    Unless you have set something wrong with the code I would sugest to check out what language code you are getting and see if it's the correct one.
    And also check the labels if they have the right CaptionML.
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    linnemanlinneman Member Posts: 25
    I think there are no French and German translations available, thus when it can't be found the report will be displayed with the default language, being Dutch.
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    rfajdigarfajdiga Member Posts: 40
    Try to use CurrReport.Language := GlobalLanguage;
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