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JDinaldJDinald Member Posts: 2
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This is my first question on this forum, that I have been reading quite often.
My problem is the following:
My client wants me to fix standard Report 304 (Vendor - Detail Trial Balance). He doesn't want to see quite large empty space after the last column on the first page (other pages are normal). I really don't understand how to force Visual Studio to make first page of the report to be without this annoying space.
I look forward to your reply!


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    TonyDuarteTonyDuarte Member Posts: 92
    The problem seems to be that the column of "Document Type" grows from the first to the second page, either you have visibility changes to show information and so you are showing a cell that has the property can grow active or the cell itself is larger that the one that is showing in the first page.
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