Delete a year ?

mdPartnerNLmdPartnerNL Member Posts: 802
The customer has a backup and is not interested in year 2006 .. 2010

Will this give problems? I don't see them yet but there is not a standard option in NAV to do this..


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    mdPartnerNLmdPartnerNL Member Posts: 802
    No reservations, Stock is not important, etc.
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    KowaKowa Member Posts: 918
    All you can do is to use the date compression routine for ledger entries (G/L, vendor, customer etc.). In older versions, such a routine existed for the item ledger entries too but this caused lot of issues, especially in updates, so it has been removed.
    Never ever delete any entries, for the current balance you always need all ledger entries starting with the first one, that is how the flowfield technology and SIFT works.
    If some have been compressed (a single new entry sums up the value of several removed entries) that is okay if the data is not needed anymore, but if there are entries missing without this compensation it will screw up the current figures totally, in a worst case scenario beyond repair.
    Kai Kowalewski
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    mdPartnerNLmdPartnerNL Member Posts: 802
    Did some research and I will customize codeunit 8604 to work with a datefilter.
    This way I can
    - delete normal entries
    - delete compressed entries which make an update not possible
    and of course I will check if ledger entries are closed.
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