Pick creating for special order for stock items

PRD86PRD86 Member Posts: 2
edited 2014-08-21 in NAV Three Tier
What I try:
- Making a special order for a customer, while the product is in stock as well (i.e. I have 5 in stock, the customer order 10 and I decide to make a special order for all 10)
- With the PO and SO both made and linked, I try to make a pick. I than expect NAV to not let me make is, as the 5 articles in stock are not meant for this order
- Navision creates a pick for the 5 items.

Searching the internet and help sections tells me Special order is meant to be used for non-stock items. Though I read it can be used for stock items aswell.
So, my question is: How to make a special order that does not let me pick the items that are in stock?
(warehouse settings are set to: Require Pick and Bin Mandatory)
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