[solved]Read USERID and change temporarily with onother ID

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Hello guys,

I have to retrive my ID Logon and change that with onother ID temporarily, that's all becouse I need to run a "printselection" istruction that it will runs a pdf printer.

I have found the USERID key word, but with that I can't change the ID Logon.

Somebody can help me'



  • Rishi1109Rishi1109 Member Posts: 43
    Can you please provide some more details what you actually want to do ?

    Why do you need this and what do you mean by temporarily change the logon ?
    Thanks and Regards
  • massimopasqualimassimopasquali Member Posts: 82

    I have a report that print an invoice on paper.
    Now i have to run a procedure, immediately after the procedure that print the invoice, that create a file pdf.

    I have saw that in this report NAV have used this istruction :

    REPORT.RUN(ReportSelection."Report ID",FALSE,FALSE,SalesCrMemoHeader);

    This istruction read the table 78 from NAV to see if the User have a particular printer associated at the report, so I want to create a general User "WEBDIGAS" that will be
    associated at PDF printer.
    In this mode every User will can create a PDF File.

    To do that before to run the procedure that will be create a file pdf I will have to change my USERID in "WEBDIGAS" and after replace my original USERID.
  • Rishi1109Rishi1109 Member Posts: 43
    According to me The best solution would be that you assign PDF printer for that particular report to all the users.It can be dont through a batch.
    If you change the login , How would you hold the record of SalesCredit Memo
    Thanks and Regards
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