‘automate’ matching of posted Customer Payment to posted Inv

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Is there a way to ‘automate’ matching of posted Customer Payment to posted Invoices?




  • itsandsllcitsandsllc Member Posts: 13
    I just finished working through this with a large financial client.

    See the following MSDN information for NAV 2013 R2
    http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library ... 2(v=nav.71).aspx

    It can be done but what I ended up doing is altering the matching tolerances and string lengths within the matching code unit. Additionally the client wanted to take customer payments from only a deposit for better reconciliation. Because the deposit uses the Gen. Journal Line (table 81) and the code works with this table I adapted the functionality to the deposit and now they can automatically apply the customer payments to invoices.
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