service NAS stops at night

nav_studentnav_student Member Posts: 175
Hi guys,

for some strange the NAS Service stops at without no reason.

How can i check what is stopping this service? I look on the Event Viewer but i can only find the Startup events when i start the service again.

Thanks for your help.


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    ReinhardReinhard Member Posts: 249
    several of our clients have this problem.

    the best thing I could find was to create a windows scheduler, which restarts NAS every night. it seems to help quite a bit.
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    MKuchMKuch Member Posts: 2

    We had the same issue with a backup process that just blocked access to NAV for a while. NAS just timed-out and stopped every night. Restarting it with a scheduler was the best option.
    Hope it helps (even though it's an old topic :) )

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    ta5ta5 Member Posts: 1,164
    Restarting is a good option. But if you want to know the reason for stopping could write a record to a logtable for example every minute. Other possiblity is to use net or sc command to poll the service itself. What version of NAV do you use?
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