Production Journal Lines Not Deleting

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Encountering a recurring issue in NAV 2009 R2 Manufacturing where the end user opens the Production Journal from a Released Production Order and receives the following error:

The Item Journal Line already exists. Identification fields and values: Journal Template Name='PROD ORDER', Journal Batch Name='A';Line No.='-2147477296'.

Having investigated this issue in the past, the underlying issue is there are too many lines and the system cannot add anymore without hitting an overflow error. When looking at the records, a great number of the lines are related to production orders that have already been closed, but the Production Journal Lines are not deleted. Other records have been sitting in the journal for months. Of course, the lines are deleted as expected in other cases. I have not been able to find the reason why some delete the lines while others do not.

Since old Production Journal lines are not always being cleared out, new Line No.'s eventually increment up to the point that no more lines can be added and the errors start again. I have created a process to delete all lines for Production Journals that is run off hours. I don't believe this process shouldn't be necessary. Hoping someone has some insight into this issue. I can code around this, but would rather address what is causing it to happen.
Kimberly Weir
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