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We are trying to change the database of the default service instance for Nav 2013.
Right now, it is pointing to a demo database and we want to change it for the production database.
When I edit the server instance, it lets me change the database, and when I go to save the changes, it tells me that the changes will be reflected next time the service is started and it automatically goes back to the demo database and doesn't keep the changes I've made.

I tried restarting the service, same thing. I stopped the service, make the changes, saved and started the service again, same thing.
I tried deleting the instance to recreate it, it doesn't let me saying I can't delete the default instance.

How can I change the database of the default instance to point to the production database instead of demo?


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    TonyDuarteTonyDuarte Member Posts: 92
    Did you try to create and configure a second service?
    To see if there is some sort of weird problem with that specific service...

    I can recommend also to download and use ServiceTierAdministrator, it can be a great help also for setting up and maintaining services.
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    Djou2424Djou2424 Member Posts: 76
    I created another instance in the mean time to be able to have access to the production database and it is working fine.

    We are using Microsoft Dynamics Nav Server to create/maintain our instances.
    We had 2 instances, one for the demo database and the default one (DynamicsNAV70) that was pointing to the production database and were both working fine.

    For some unknown reason (we are still trying to figure it out) it is now pointing to the demo database and we can't change it.
    Stopping the default instance service and creating another one with the same configuration is working fine and is our workaround until we figure out what is happening with the default instance.
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    Djou2424Djou2424 Member Posts: 76
    No one has an idea to help us figure this out?
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