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Hi experts, we upgraded from 5.0 to 2013. Some of the reports are running very very slow. For example reports 10048(Customer/Item Statistics), 10049(Cust./Item Stat. by Salespers.) and many others. It takes very long time to retrieve the data and some of them will take forever. Any help or ideas on how to improve the performance of the reports will be appreciated.


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    TonyDuarteTonyDuarte Member Posts: 92
    There are a few steps that can be done to improve performance.
    I don't have with me all the information about this problem but I'll try to explain as much as possible.

    First of all if you want to print those reports for example every Customer in your database that is a problem, it's a known issue due to the fact that NAV Client runs on 32 bits while NAV Server runs on 64 bits, that way the Client causes a bottleneck.

    It's recomended in cases of reports with a lot of infomation to "break them" in little segments, for example:
    -> choose a small group of customers
    -> or if you need them all try to make date filters for sets of periods, if you see it's needed monthly, weekly, something like that.
    -> If your report have a dataset with a lot of fields try to see if they are all needed, if there isn't something you can remove to reduce the amount of information that you are passing.
    -> Beware of pictures if you have them passed for each record in your dataset they can cause a performance issue.
    -> There is a value for reports that if you estimate your dataset to retrieve 70k rows you might want to split break it as I told before and make sure the lines returned are reduced.
    (you can check your dataset if you use the "about report property" when it's loading and check the lines you are recieving.)

    Hope I could give some help about it :D
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