Automation variable has not been instantiated - IXMLDOMNode

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I have the following variable setup in the global variables:

xmlNode : Automation 'Microsoft XML, v6.0'.IXMLDOMNode

I have a report that is run that executes code in a codeunit and it works perfectly.
Here is part of the code that is in question:

xmlNode := xmlNodeList.item(i - 1);

The above code runs from the report executing the codeunit with no errors.

I am trying to run this exact same process in a new codeunit that executes the exact same codeunit as used the report does. I copied over all the code and variables to this new codeunit. This new codeunit does exactly the same thing as the report.
When I run the new codeunit, I get the following error:

"This Automation variable has not been instantiated"

When I run the debugger, the error occurs at this line:
xmlNode := xmlNodeList.item(i - 1);

If I try to do a CREATE on xmlNode (which I read you can't do) I get the error "Cannot create an instance of the OLE or automation server", blah blah blah. I understand that this automation cannot be initialized this way.

My question is how do I make this work when executing from a codeunit and not a report? I have checked the code over and over again and have verified that the codeunit matches with the report.

I am using Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 client with the same version for the database.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,



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    einsTeIn.NETeinsTeIn.NET Member Posts: 1,050
    At first glance, I would say that either the index (i-1) doesn't return a proper node, or your node list isn't instantiated properly. That could be the case if you f.i. create the node list in a codeunit but later on that codeunit goes out of scope and the instance of your node list will be terminated.
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