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cole00cashcole00cash Member Posts: 4
We're migrating from a physical system to a hyper-v system. Currently, we have thirteen locations that access our NAV 2009 classic with SQL server through RDP over VPN. Each of these locations has a printer installed on the server so that a report can be printed at their location. Each user at that location has to have that report and printer assigned. Is there any better solution? Do we really need to have all of these location printers installed on the NAV server?


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    mkeurmkeur Member Posts: 13
    With RDP there is an option to use local resources, one of them is printers. Make sure you have this selected on the client Remote Desktop options. Even with RDP over VPN it is then still possible to use local printers. So printer must be installed on the users computer and set as default printer.
    The RDP session will be able to use the users default printer.
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