ERROR at closing page trigger is not work

VirinVirin Member Posts: 3
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Dear All,
I have one page before closing page, I code to check information. if information is not enough the page must not close.
I try to use ERROR on trigger close page but it's not work.

Any advice, Thank you.


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    pdjpdj Member Posts: 643
    I seem to recall that EXIT(FALSE) does the trick.

    EDIT: SORRY! I'm thinking of forms! I don't know if it is the same with pages.
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    VirinVirin Member Posts: 3
    Thx pdj,
    I ready try that method but it not work with page.
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    allenyyzhouallenyyzhou Member Posts: 142
    Maybe you should use OnQueryClosePage function in page, if you do not want user to close the page, just throw an error.
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    aniishaniish Member Posts: 27
    yes, you can use OnQueryClosePage trigger on page to write your condition. if condition will not match, will give an error and restrict to close page.
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