Is possible store a mail sent Through codeunit 400

gorvega79gorvega79 Member Posts: 73
I have to send many mails in a process, but i don´t know how to watch if those mails have been sent correctly. Is possible store mails in a outlook client or on another site?. i have been thought insert a record in a table when i call to send function, but this function doesn´t give an error when the mail send is wrong



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    einsTeIn.NETeinsTeIn.NET Member Posts: 1,050
    To solve this we put in a general mailbox on CC. In this mailbox you could check whether the mail has been sent correctly or not.
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    gorvega79gorvega79 Member Posts: 73
    Ok einsTeIn.NET thanks so much, i will try your solution...

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    Torben_R.Torben_R. Member Posts: 99
    I normally use BCC in stead of CC.
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