Substitution of Purchase Return Order

oetoliyaoetoliya Member Posts: 9
Dear all,

This problem is driving me crasy #-o .
The situation is like that.

A user posted purchase receipt, posting date = 24/07/2014
Then, user created a purchase invoice, got receipt lines and posted, posting date wrongly inserted 24/08/2014. Suppose it should be 24/07/2014
Finally, the Ledger Entry posting dates are like that
Item Ledger Entry 24/07/2014
Value Ledger Entry 24/08/2014
Vendor Ledger Entry 24/08/2014
General Ledger Entry 24/08/2014

Normally, i should create a purchase return order and post return shipment on 24/07/2014 -> create purchase credit memo get return shipment line and posting date = 24/08/2014.
However, purchase return order function can not be used due to license problem.

If i directly create purchase credit memo, all the Ledger Entry posting date can be either 24/07/2014 or 24/08/2014.

How can i reserve the purchase order with correct posting date on different ledger entries without using purchase return order?

Can i create a credit memo posting date = 24/08/2014
Then, create a new purchase order post receipt on 24/08/2014 -> create purchase invoice post invoice on 24/07/2014?
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