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I am on NAV 2013 R2. I was testing the pasting of the rows in the pages and it worked in most cases. In those cases, it does not work, I get an error message that "You cannot paste 95 rows in the selected 21 rows".

The page I was using was the Warehouse Receipt and I was pasting the rows at the Warehouse Receipt Lines. The users export the data in the rows into Excel and do a vlookup with their vendor's Delivery document. They then paste the updated data back into Navision.

My suspicion is that there are some row with the same Item No. and this is causing the error message. (I delete the lines that have duplicate item no. and the pasting error message stopped occurring.)

The workaround now is that I have to reselect the rows in the warehouse receipt and then go to the last row and press Ctrl + Shift + V.

Can anyone throw some light on this matter? It is not throwing any error in the Debugger so I do not think it is a C/Side code issue.

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    engsiong75engsiong75 Member Posts: 143

    I have some new understanding on the pasting row issue. There are 2 issues. The first which I have identified is that you need to have entries with the same item no..

    The second issue is the viewing of the rows. You will need to select all the rows, then scroll from the top row the bottom. (If you are at the bottom row, scroll to the top row.) If you do so, you can then paste the rows without any error message. The main criteria is that you viewed all the rows from top to bottom. Once this is done, you can click on any rows to paste the rows.

    If for whatever reason, you need to copy the same data and paste it in again, you will need to repeat the scrolling from the top row to the bottom row.
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