Calculate manual values from request page on ceport NAV 2013

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Hi All,

Sorry if i was wrong to post my question in this section, i didn't knowed where :roll:

I have customer that want to calculate VAT amount with manual value VAT rate, so i created a ValManualRate (decimal) and put as request page . The problem is, when i tried calculation e.g ValVatAmount := ValManualRate * ValSumLineAmount; on initreport trigger it is always show the blank layout ](*,) even i tried to another trigger like trigger on request page etc but still no luck :cry:

I'm very new learned with this NAV n lack of knowledge :oops: can someone help me to solve this ?

nb ;
Sorry my mistake, there's one hidden field that have condition in hidden properties which conflict with my variable. Strange, just one field but effect to all field @_@'


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