Web Services to Access Microsoft Dynamics NAV old versions

aavioaavio Member Posts: 143
Dear All,

I am in search for the webservice accessing method in lower versions(< 2009)

if any of you have the sample project that was downloaded from the below link please help to share with me, currently it seems not available to download.

http://blogs.msdn.com/b/nav/archive/200 ... v-5-0.aspx

email - avi657@gmail.com


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    krzychub83krzychub83 Member Posts: 120
    Sorry, can't help you with dead link, as I used this solution long time ago...

    But why not to upgrade to NAV 2009 instead? Just technical upgrade of course. This should enable web services in the way how they are used in NAV 2009. Those web services are much more easier to manage than those ones from NAV 5.0. To enable them you need to make a technical upgrade and then move only one form from NAV 2009, which is 810.

    Upgrade was breaking some matrix forms, due to the changes in TABLECAPTION function, if I remember it right. To fix it you need to wrap TABLECAPTIONS in UPPERCASE, but I would suggest to search for it on mibuso. Of course after making an upgrade double check if no critical process for you got broken due to upgrade... It shouldn't, but you never know.
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