Memory leak in finsql.exe - NAV 2009 R2 Build 36259

gerdhuebnergerdhuebner Member Posts: 155
Compared with fin.exe, the finsql.exe NAV-Client consumes about 5 times of memory (RAM), when running. Typical values according to Windows Task Manager are 10 MB for fin.exe compared to 50 MB for finsql.exe.
Furthermore the memory consumed by finsql.exe seems to grow more and more the longer the client is running, finally leading to a memory crash when running over days or weeks (for example a client performing periodic tasks automatically).
The effect can be reproduced and observerd by runnig the following sample code within the latest build 36259 of finsql.exe:
FOR i := 1 TO 10000 DO
  IF ItemLedgEntry.NEXT = 0 THEN
This simple reading of 10000 records already leads to about 0,5 to 1 MB growing of occupied RAM per run cycle, whereas within the fin.exe (non sql) client there is no such memory leak.
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