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Hi All,

I have the practical issue which cannot cater from NAV 2009, as my client uses Transfer order function to post inventory transfer to location across the country, therefore when posted transfer order shipment goods will be in in-transit location. but after this the transport vehicle broke down and goods came back to the same location and it never reached the destination location. now the issue is how to post the goods back to same location from in-transit location? ](*,)



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    Post the transferorder for receipt so it will be off the in-transit location, and then correct the inventory on the destination location using an item journal.
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    Thanks MBerger, but this will give a wrong picture as goods were received to the destination location. which my client is not willing to do. :(

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    The only way around I am using in Inter-Unit Sales & Purchase. It is no different from normal sales purchase but with the following changes:
    a) Separate Customer/Vendor Posting groups are created and assigned to Inter-Unit Customer/Vendor.
    b) Separate G/L Sales and Purchase accounts are created within a single group "InterUnit Sales & Purchase" with separate Gen. Bus. Posting Group and Setup.

    a) User will need to create separate/independent Sales Order and Purchase Order.
    b) There can be a mismatch between Sales Order and Purchase Order which require reconciliation effort.

    Point (b) can be handled with some custom field & code to validate sync between Sales Order and Purchase Order.
    CA Sandeep Singla
  • burhan2000burhan2000 Member Posts: 4
    Thanks for the replies all, I'll get back to customer with these option.

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