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The users are using a classic client customized form and perform queries on it.
This form is basically looking at two ledger entries tables. So when the users enter a value then it queries customer ledger table and other ledger table same time.

This is slow. There always been users performing queries on Customer ledger entries form directly to look for posted invoices etc. While there are other uses who post invoices. Is it fine to let the users query customer ledger entries form? Or there can be better way please help?
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    Troubleshooting 'slowness' is always a pain in the beginning because there are so many paths to go down.

    It sounds like you have your performance issue narrowed down to specific actions and specific tables.

    using sp_configure to force SQL Server to create a new execution plan may help.

    as far as other dev options for your customer ledger tables that's not my forte.

    SQL Server is however my forte and you'll want to make sure to have your SQL Server optimized for NAV.

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    kenniekennie Member Posts: 34
    We updated the MSDN documentation on SQL Server setup and configuration two months ago:


    Maybe there is something in there that you can use.
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