[solved]how Link header card to details card line

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I have a sales header card request and detail request line card, so I must to link a record of Request header with a record Request Header Line; well to do that I have used
in the OnInsert trigger this sentence :

RequestLine.SETRANGE("Request No.",Request."No.");
"Line No." := RequestLine."Line No." + 10000
"Line No." := 10000;

The record of Request Header Line has a key formed from "Line No." and "Request No.".

I must fill my key in before that NAV adding a new record.

Somes Idea!?


  • tothszabolcstothszabolcs Member Posts: 21
    I think you can solve this with a standard solution of nav. Look at relation of forms 42 and 46. You can find out how link is works.
    For example: AutoSplitKey, DelayedInsert properties.
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