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Could anyone tell me if there is a standard function that allows me to pass in a set of dimension codes and a related value per code and return either an existing dimension set Number of create a dimension set and return the new number please?

I am creating gen jnl lines and i need to add different dimensions for these lines (some may have the same) - in the good old days Id just add a new entry to Jnl Line dim table but not anymore :-)



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    leegeorgeHughesleegeorgeHughes Member Posts: 26
    After some poking around I have found the solution.

    There is a function called GetDimensionSetID in Codeunit 408 which lets me pass in a temporary record of the dimension set i want to check/create and exits with the setid.
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    tinoruijstinoruijs Member Posts: 1,226
    Thanks for sharing!
    Once you understand the way the new dimension sets work, it's much better than before. :-)

    Tino Ruijs
    Microsoft Dynamics NAV specialist
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