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I did search the forum, but was unable to find anything directly. Apologies is this was already covered.

In NAV2013, if you are on a list and click into a field, you can use CTRL+F to find a value in that list (an order no. on an order list, an item in an item list, etc.). If you paste a value from an Outlook message into the find box, it does not automatically drop the trailing space that almost inevitable comes along for the ride.

Is there a trigger I can tie into that launches the find dialog so I can add code to clean up the pasted value (remove leading/trailing spaces)?

I ask because I have noticed during controlled user testing of our upgrade that users are saying "record X cannot be found" when really it is "x " that cannot be found when doing a find. Manually deleting that trailing space immediately returns the expected record. It would be nice if NAV could ignore the trailing space in this case.

kind of fell into this...


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    I have no knowledge of a trigger that can be used to modify the behaviour of the search function in NAV. But I would change outlook instead of nav.
    If a program adds additional formatting (skype, outlook, excel) when copying stuff from it, it's that programs fault to add shit that shouldn't be copied.

    Maybe this url may be of use to modify outlook to not copy unwanted data.
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    jversusjjversusj Member Posts: 489
    Thanks - but outlook was just an example and not the only offender.

    lets say the source data has a string like:
    "I looked at the ITEMABC and see it is blocked - please advise."

    Assume the user takes their mouse and roughly highlights "ITEMABC " including the space after the word (which almost always happens in Outlook messages). They then go into the item list in NAV2013 and bring up the find box on No., and paste "ITEMABC " which returns no results. If they instead search for "ITEMABC" it immediately returns the record.

    I was hoping there was a way to grab the search term and remove leading/trailing spaces before the search executes.
    kind of fell into this...
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