[solved]desabling field in card page

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Hy guys,

I have to disable a filed in a card page Customer, the field "Name", so I have seen that in OnAfertGetCurrRecord I have to put
my sentence :


Which is the correct sentence C/AL to disable the field above?



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    It's done differently on pages, you need to do the following...

    1) create a Boolean global var e.g. "NameEnabled" and set the IncludeInDataset property to Yes
    2) in OnAfterGetCurrRecord set NameEnabled as appropriate
    3) on the Name field set the "Enabled" property to the new var NameEnabled
  • massimopasqualimassimopasquali Member Posts: 82
    thanks, trying now.
  • massimopasqualimassimopasquali Member Posts: 82
    Ok that's right, so other question : to check if a user have clicked on checkbox, which is the trigger that I must use?
  • tothszabolcstothszabolcs Member Posts: 21
    You should use Navision's Help before new forum topic.

    Here is control's triggers:
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