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Hello to all,

I have a weird problem with a field in a page. It has as sourceExpression a global variable which during opening has value ''.
When I run the page from RTC, the value textbox is not shown.
When I run the page from RTC using right-click Open in new Window, the value textbox is shown and is fully functional.

Any guess what I am doing wrong?



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    cafeinecafeine Member Posts: 11
    As we found out in the office, this weird behavior only happens when the page is called from a menu suite item with category List. When categorized in Tasks it works fine.
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    It is standard behaviour. From Menu you are opening Lists, it means just list of records. No other elements. From actions you are opening the Task Windows, worksheets etc., these windows could have different elements on them. It means, you are "limited" to way how standard works, even when the page allows you to do something, doesn't mean, that it will be rendered as you want. E.g. if you show editable list from the menu (list is included in the main windows), there will not be F8 shortcut to copy previous... just because the list is primary for selection of entity to open in detail page...
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    cafeinecafeine Member Posts: 11
    Thanks kine for your analytic reply! Very useful info indeed!
    Have a nice day!
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