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rocopsarocopsa Member Posts: 38
](*,) Dear Experts,

I am making a report export to Excel by Excel Buffer. In classic client, i can easily make excel formula like:

But now in 2013R2, i make it:

It is not working anymore :cry: and displays "Exception from HRESULT: 0x800A03EC"..... ](*,)
Could any experts please help? I searched many posts already but cannot find the answer.....

Thanks in advance!


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    JamieHurstJamieHurst Member Posts: 25
    rocopsa wrote:
    Does it work if you use a formula with A1 referencing? I'm not suggesting you re-engineer, but if R1C1 is causing the error, maybe there's a control or setting somewhere.
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    rocopsarocopsa Member Posts: 38
    Dear JamieHurst,

    Thanks for your idea.

    Actually, the problem is caused by my customization of Excel multi-sheets. Now, it is solved and excel formula is working. \:D/

    Thanks again!
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