Looking to Contact - Kine, Eromein, RobertMo, Denster

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Hello all,
Please forgive the broadcast here first off.
Mark Caldwell here with the Microsoft MVP program. If the folks listed on the subject line could shoot me a mail I would like to discuss the MVP program with you. Luc is one of our MBS MVPs, but he is on holiday and I could not reach him to ask if he could ping each of you, thus the broadcast here.
Why is Savatage not included you ask? I have a post going with Savatage in another forum but I know you (Savatage) are here as well. :wink:

If you have any doubts this is genuine please feel free to jump on the MS.public newsgroups, go to SBS, Great Plains, or CRM and they can verify who I am for you.

Mark Caldwell
Microsoft MVP Communities
MBS Business Group Lead



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