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delaghettodelaghetto Member Posts: 89
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When I open page 9307 (Purchase Order List) I can click on the Order No. field and this automatically opens the Purchase Order (50) page.

However, I've put page 9307 as a subpage in a custom page I'm creating, this Order No. field link is not working.

How does this linking stuff work? I've seen the property CardPageID, but why it doesn't work in the subpage? What walkaround can I use?


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    lvanvugtlvanvugt Member Posts: 774
    The functionality your are pointing at is based on the CardPageID on the List page. This will apparently only working in the setup op List and Card page, i.e. PAG9307 (Purchase Order List) and PAG50 (Purchase Order), where the list page is the main page (and not a subpage).
    Once the list page is used as a subpage this functionality will not work.
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    delaghettodelaghetto Member Posts: 89
    Finally I decided to modify the subpage in order to activate a "drill down" link. This is how it's done in other standard pages.
    No. - OnDrillDown()
    PAGE.RUNMODAL(PAGE::"Purchase Order",Rec)
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