2009 R2 Web Services - Sales Lines missing Kit Lines

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Hey all, this is our first year on 2009 after transitioning from 5.0.
Web Services are new to us, and we are venturing into using them more to help drive a web-based shopping cart.

Our current issue is that when we attempt to create a sales order and its lines. For any of the items that have Kit BOMs associated with them, the kit lines never get built, even though the item is marked as Automatic Build Kit BOM = true.

Is there a special trick to getting a sales line's kit lines created when using web services?
Michael Hollinger
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    wizwebwizweb Member Posts: 1
    Hello mike / mibuso! I am building a connector for WooCommerce <--> Dynamics 2009 web services and just got caught up with kit items with auto-build not populating the Kit Sales Line table.
    the order would give this error when releasing: This document cannot be released because kit _ for Line No. _ is empty

    My problem was that I was only doing 3 web service calls to update the order, seems 4 are needed to set lines properly (3rd time not the charm eh mircrosoft =D> )

    Web service calls:
    1. Create empty Sales order header then save the key from the result.
    2. Update created sales order with the header fields and blank order lines, (with Type => Item ) then save the keys for blank order lines from the update result.
    3. Update the order to include the item No's on the lines. (doing this on the second step was causing conflict) and save which item is assigned to which line key.
    4. Update the order to include the quantities on the lines (doing this on the third was preventing building the kit lines)
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